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Exotic Arowana

Through years of research, studies, selective breeding and countless trials from a wide range of Arowana specimens, Qian Hu’s Arowana subsidiary, Wan Hu Fish Farm Trading research and development team has managed to isolate and breed our newest range of exotic Dragon Fish, providing the hobbyist with more wonders to behold.

1. Albino Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana
Albino Super Red Arowana-Small.jpg The rarest variant of all the different types of Asian Arowana is the extremely beautiful Albino version of our Violet Fusion Super Red Arowana.  Brooded in Qian Hu Fish Farm by a set of Red Arowana, specifically chosen and groomed by Wan Hu, through years of research and studies, Wan Hu has been able to come up with a way to continuously breed such a rare specimen.  With its lack of pigmentation, red eyes and possessing all the traits of our highest quality Red Arowana, the Albino Red Arowana is truly a sight to behold.

2. Albino Golden Arowana
Albino Albino Golden Arowana-Small.jpgGolden Arowana is the rare Albino variant of the Golden Asian Arowana.  Its overall body and core color is an attractive orangey-yellow, with gold rims on the outer edge.  This result in a very unique combination of orange and gold color giving the Albino Golden Arowana, a very striking and beautiful coloration.

3. Albino Silver Arowana
Albino Silver Arowana-Small.jpgThrough selective breeding and DNA studies, a few “Perfect Silver Arowana” manages to isolate the genes required to breed, the Albino Silver Arowana.  With its overall body color, orange; eyes smoky red; and outer rims of its scales, a pinkish hue.  It is one very beautiful and unique “Dragon” fish that looks like it just swan out of a fairytale.